Brokenshire College

Brokenshire College is registered as a non-stock, non-profit educational Corporation related with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines(UCCP). It is committed to provide value-oriented Christian Education through continuous improvement and total involvement for customer satisfaction.
The charter of Brokenshire College and the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines provide the impetus, substance and shape of the thought and action of the college. The charter of Brokenshire College commits its educational efforts: to the cause of Christian education, the development of Christian character and personal discipline among students; to provide training for the development of skills; to assist individuals attain their potentials as human beings in order to enhance the range and quality of life; and, to train students in rudiments and functions of democratic society in order to be socially responsible. Brokenshire College shall work and live to develop students: who are informed and aware of the social, political, economic and cultural forces dynamically working in society; whose potentials for critical thinking and research are fully developed; who are intellectually and professionally competent and honest; who are morally and ethically sensitive to social action for a responsible social order, for the realization of a free, just, competent, honest, self-reliant, abundant, and socially responsible society.

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Davao Medical School of Foundation

The Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. (DMSFI) was established in July 1976 in response to the recognition of the lack of doctors serving rural communities and lack of specialist in urban centers of Mindanao. Its College of Medicine was thus the first such college to be set up in Mindanao and is dedicated to providing medical education and training of the highest order, leading to the provision of effective medical care in both rural and urban communities.
A consortium, the members of which are the Ateneo de Davao University, Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, the Development of Peoples’ Foundation, San Pedro Hospital and San Pedro College, operates the Foundation. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization and is approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). In addition to the College of Medicine, DMSF operates a College of Dentistry, an Institute of Primary Health Care (IPHC) and a Center for Education, Research and Development in Health (CERDH).

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Gullas College of Medicine

In 1948, the Visayan Institute was awarded university status, the first to become a university in Cebu, and was renamed the University of the Visayas. Since then the expansion in its baccalaureate and post graduate course offerings and in its physical facilities has been phenomenal. From an initial enrollment of 37 students the V.I. evolved into a university with an enrollment of 30,000 distributed throughout its campuses. Its alumni have distinguished themselves in government service and public administration, and in the professions of law, engineering and architecture, pharmacy, medicine, nursing, education, criminology, maritime and nautical, computer studies as well as in sports, sciences and the arts.
In recent years the growth of college is high with best infrastructure for laboratories, Modern day classrooms, Library and Hospital. International students from different countries reach the college for enquiry about medicine as recent day performance of the college is excellent. UV gullas college mostly focus on International students for medicine as the quality of education provided is of International standards. Students from varoious part the globe reach this college for their education which is well known for quality and education standards.

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