The institution was started in 1900 , In the year 2000 Odessa National Medical University has completed its 100 years of existence . It is a government University with the rights of self governing. The world known scientists and the founders of numerous scientific medical schools , which brought glory to the w world science worked at Odessa National Medical University.
ONMedu is recognized/listed by world health orgnaization,international association of universities,european university association,medical coucils of almost all major countries, including USA,UK,Europe,India & others.ONMedu is a member of bologna process(Single European area of higher education) .
ONMedU is the only university of Ukraine,which is a member of MEDINE(Medical Education IN Europe).The Thematic Network on MEDINE addresses educational,institutional and auality issues in european medical education within the frame woerk of European initiatives.This project is being carried out with support of the European Community.
Odessa National MedicaL(ONMedU) University is the first university of Ukraine which started medical education in English medium in 1996.In 2005,Odessa National Medical University(ONMedU) was awarded with a medal for the development of modern model for teaching the english speaking students by the ministry of Education and science of Ukraine and National academy of sciences of Ukraine.Only university of Ukraine,which provides post_graduation courses in English medium.
Odessa National Medical University(ONMedU) is one of the largest higher medical universities,a member of european and international Association of Universities,the leader of reformation of medical education in the country.Odessa National Medical University(ONMedU) is a higher education institue of the IV(the top level) accreditation level conferred by the state Accreditation Committie of Ukraine(Record No.12 of june 30,1994).
Foregin Students: Foreign students have been studying since 1946.Over 6000 students from Europe,Asia,Africa,America have got education from university and working successfully as doctors in 87 countries of the world.240 have done specialization and 109 super specialization from ONMedU.


KYIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (O.O. Bogomolets) is suited in Kyiv and it is the main leading medical institution of Ukraine. Its history starts in 1841 when a Medical Faculty under Kyiv Saint Volodymyr University was opened having 29 students.
In 2011 Bogomolets National Medical University celebrated its 170th anniversary since foundation. Kyiv National Medical University is a leading medical university in Ukraine of higher learning in educational, methodical and humanitarian activities. It is also the leading scientific and preventive care centre. It is the chief higher medical educational establishment among the higher medical school in Ukraine on academic and methodical work and improvement of qualification for scientific and teaching staff at higher medical school of Ukraine of I-IV accreditation level. The University is awarded with the gold medal at international exhibition of educational institutions, modern education in Ukraine in different nomination for last many years.
According to the state rating from Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the University takes the first place among higher Medical schools of III and IV accreditation levels. The University is the partner in consortium of European Universities; in September 2011 it joined the Magna Charta Universitatum. Approximately 1200 high skilled specialists from independent Ukraine, countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America graduate from the University. Currently university has 11800 students, postgraduate students, doctoral students, residents, masters, doctors-interns, including 1200 foreign citizen from 63 countries. During its activity the university has prepared 82 thousands of doctors and pharmacists, including 3000 specialists from foreign countries.


1. Established in 1992, Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is the largest private medical university of Ukraine and will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in 2017.
2. The University has over 2,000 students – 15% of which are foreigners from 45 different countries including India.
3. The University, since inception has produced over 3,000 Doctors
4. The University has over 300 full time highly qualified teachers, many of whom are well known scientists.
5. The University has very good library facilities with more than 55,000 books.
6. The University is very active in it’s international relations and regularly participates in international conferences & international research activities.
7. The University cooperates with international institutions and maintains academic links with institutes in Poland, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada & others.
8. The University cooperates with international institutions and maintains academic links with institutes in Poland, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada & others.
9. The University also offers Postgraduate education in 19 specialties.
10. The University is approved by World Health Organization (WHO). It’s degree is valid in USA, UK, Canada amongst other countries.
11. Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is also recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).
12. The University operates from a 12,000 square meter modern facility and latest state of the art infrastructure.
13. In 2015, the University became a member Projects organized by UNDP and the Government of Japan, “rapid response to social and economic problems of internally displaced persons in Ukraine.” Under this project, the University employs about three dozen people – highly skilled professionals from health and education sectors.


VNMU began as Vinnitsa Pharmaceutical Institute (1921-1936), and later became Vinnitsa branch of All-Ukrainian Institute of Extra-Mural Medical Education (1930), and reorganized in 1932 as Evening Industrial Medical Institute with two faculties – medical-preventive and pediatric and in 1934 as Vinnitsa Medical Institute (1934). In 1994 the faculty of Dentistry was organized, and Vinnitsa Medical Institute was accredited as a University on Level IV, the highest level of accreditation by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 408, dated 15.06.94. The Institute was re-named to Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University. By 2000, the faculty of Pharmacy was organized.
By 2002, taking into account nation-wide and international recognition of results of its activity VSMU was awarded National University status by Decree of the President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma (June 19, 2002, #560/2002), supporting specialities ”General Medicine“, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”, “Pharmacy”, “Clinical Pharmacy”, “Medical Psychology.”
VNMU is known nationally and internationally for its high quality of specialist training, and was rated by the International Personnel Academy ranking of schools of higher education as one of the best institutions in Ukraine in 1995, 1997, and 2000. For 1997 and 2000, VNMU was determined to be among the best educational medical establishments and was awarded with a special Diploma. The goal for VNMU has been to improve its material base, create favorable learning conditions for students, student tutoring, for scientific-pedagogical personnel and to improve methodical-educational and research activity.


Ukrainian Medical and Dental University is the leading state higher educational institution in training both physicians and dentists.
The Academy started its activity in 1921 as the Odontologic Faculty of the kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967 the Institute was transferred to the city of Poltava and renamed as the Poltava Medical Stomatological Institute, which in 1994 was granted the highest (IV) accreditation level and the status of the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Its accreditation level IV was confirmed in 2004.
3615 students study at the Academy today, including 938 international students from 42 different countries. There are Stomatological and Medical Faculties, the Preparatory Faculty for international students training, the Postgraduate Faculty and the preparatory training course Department.
56 chairs, including 9 leading ones, function at the Academy. Clinical and consulting work is carried out at 35 clinical chairs of the Academy, located at the best regional and city medical establishments of Poltava.

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